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We take pride in producing excellent quality products while offering superior
customer service. Your satisfaction with our fundraising program is of the utmost
Importance to us. Our Goal is to provide you with a fundraiser that is profitable
and easy to do. Candle fundraisers are great for Cheerleading groups, Youth
Sports teams, Schools, PTA, PTO, Church groups, Boys Scouts, Girl Scouts,
Daycares, Preschools, Drill Teams, Bands, Booster Clubs and any other club
that needs to fundraiser. Our groups tell us "This fundraiser is the one parents


Here are some interesting facts about our candles:


Here is how it works:
      You will take orders on our 8 oz Jar Candle in the Scents you choose. The candle label will be designed to match your group. We will supply you with all the needed forms and give you a few fundraising tips. The candles sell for $7.50, your cost is $3.75 WOW YOU DOUBLE YOUR MONEY!!  Once all the money is collected you turn your order in and pay for the candles @ $3.75 ea. We will manufacture your candles and have them ready within 7 to 10 days!